Companies That Change Lives: Haskell Spotlight

March 19, 2020 2 Comments

Companies That Change Lives: Haskell Spotlight

Want to use your business for good and create positive change in the community? An easy way to do that is to purchase corporate gifts from Rethreaded. Haskell uses their business for good by shopping our Gifts of Hope line and we are so thankful for them! Check out what Haskell has to say about this unique gift-giving experience:

Q: How was your experience working with Rethreaded?

A: Our experience working with Rethreaded was wonderful. Kristin answered any questions we had and was incredibly personable and helpful throughout the entire process. She had some great suggestions for the personalization of the gifts and they turned out beautiful. Just knowing where the gifts were coming from and who they were impacting made the process and experience that much better.

Q: What motivated you to purchase your gifts from Rethreaded?

A: After Rethreaded came to Haskell and we learned more about Gifts of Hope, we thought these gifts would be a nice change from the standard gift baskets we have done in the past. We were also excited to support such a wonderful cause and wanted our clients to know that we put some thought into the gift and the overall purpose.

Q: How do you feel about giving gifts from Rethreaded?

A:Amazing. When we saw the final product, they turned out better than we could have imagined. And knowing that purchasing these gifts were supporting the community and the mission of bettering the lives of so many women, made it that much more worth it. We were excited to share the mission of this organization with clients located all over the country.

Q: What feedback did you receive from employees about giving Rethreaded gifts?

A:Whenever we showed the gifts to a few employees here and explained who Rethreaded is and what they do, they were all so impressed with the quality of the gifts and the mission of the organization. They loved how functional and useful the gifts were. Nothing but positive feedback all around.

Q: What feedback did you get from the recipients of your gifts?

A:The feedback we received was very positive. One client, in particular, mentioned that they had never received a type of gift like that before and that this gift will leave a lasting impression on them.

Q: How did giving gifts from Rethreaded benefit your company?

A:Haskell is focused on building things that matter – and that goes beyond just buildings. Rethreaded matters, and supporting the mission of Rethreaded in providing impactful work to women who are rebuilding their lives just makes us a better company as we strive to build better communities and better relationships.

"Haskell is deeply committed to philanthropy and our communities, highlighted by a policy focus on arts and culture, public education and relief of human suffering. Civic engagement is one of the founding principles of our culture and is exhibited by our team members as participants and leaders of important initiatives that have a positive impact on society. With more than 3% of Haskell’s annual profits donated to charitable causes, our corporate giving is nearly four times the national average." (Dave Auchter: Vice President, Haskell)

Thank you, Haskell, for being an advocate for change. This order has helped our business thrive. When our business thrives that means our survivor employees receive tangible hope. 

Want to change lives like Haskell? Send an email to to start your Gifts of Hope order!

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April 13, 2020

Hi Dawn! You can email to start your Gifts of Hope Order.

Dawn Bell
Dawn Bell

April 13, 2020

We do gifts for our 20 plus board members in December. Can someone reach out to me at my email or cell phone 904 377 5248 to discuss a board gift box for our team?
Dawn Bell, Early Learning Coalition of North Florida

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