Your Purchase at Rethreaded Has Made Such A Huge Impact On My Life

June 24, 2020

Your Purchase at Rethreaded Has Made Such A Huge Impact On My Life

If you have followed Rethreaded for a while, you know when you buy something from us, you are changing lives. Every purchase made from our store and website goes towards job training for human trafficking survivors. Without this job training, we would be unable to hire more women who deserve a second chance at life. Job stability leads to hope being restored in the lives of our employees.

 If you have ever made a purchase or are looking to by something from Rethreaded, check out the impact a purchase makes on our employees. 

“Since coming to Rethreaded I’ve been able to regain hope. It’s deeper than getting my GED, it’s deeper than buying my first car, it’s deeper than the opportunity to be a mother to my child. Regaining hope has given me the chance to experience all those things, to be a part of life, and to be a part of the community. My hurt and my pain have turned into the courage to move forward.”

(Diana Respess, Production Associate)


“Since I started at Rethreaded, I have restored my relationship with my children and can provide for them financially. I have found a career path and started my college journey so I can move forward in that path.”

(Renata Bryan, Assistant Manager of Business Development)


“What I have regained while working at Rethreaded: In the past two years, I have started the journey of restoring my relationship with my son, I have found my voice, and discovered my passions. I was given the support to start school and chase those dreams with a community wrapped around me, cheering me on.”

(Stephanie Patton, Volunteer and Warehouse Event Coordinator Lead)


“What Rethreaded has given me: Rethreaded has given me a second chance at life, mental restoration, and accountability. I have the ability to be open-minded, a dream that allows me to be the best version of myself. I have been given the opportunity to make my mark, I have been shown that my opinions matter. Rethreaded restored my faith in humanity.” 

(Janine Sanders, Production Lead)

Your purchase means families reuniting and dreams being fulfilled. Thank you for your support and love. 

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