Learning to Dream Big

March 17, 2017 2 Comments

Learning to Dream Big

At Rethreaded, we have heard survivors say time and time again that they have not felt that they have had permission to dream big, and at times I have felt that way myself. To truly break the cycle of the sex trade women need to be empowered to dream as big as they wish. That’s why this year we are focusing on advocacy, career building and leadership training through the Survivor Development Program.

Last week, we went to the Eighth Annual Professional Development Forum, Finding Your True North & Keeping It presented by the UNF Coggin College of Business student-led organization Women in Business Society. For one of our employees, it was the first time she had been invited to attend a professional event like this. We were very excited for the opportunity. We attended workshops where they talked about effective leadership, finding personal strengths and discussed the results of personality tests. One of the most impactful moments for one of them woman was during a session where the professor identified her as having the highest dominance score in the room. He spoke about the quality as an asset and encouraged her in her role as a leader. In a moment, what she saw as something negative in herself now had value. She said, “I knew that I had certain skills but for a long time I didn’t think it possible for these to translate into anything purposeful or meaningful in life. Recently, I have started to have a shift in perspective and heard other people around me saying the same thing.”

We left the event feeling confident that we can use our skills to empower others and felt inspired to grow into the leaders we are created to be. For us this was just more confirmation that people believe in us and because of it, we are more comfortable with who we are.

At Rethreaded, we hear more and more every day that survivors are finding their hopes and dreams again. Help us to keep igniting passion and purpose into the lives of survivors by donating the Survivor Development Program.

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Sherri Cason
Sherri Cason

March 26, 2017

I just saw your story on the news this morning here in Whitney, Texas. I am incredibly happy for each and every one of you ladies!
I am still sitting here an hour later, in such ‘awe’ at the level of confidence that each of you exhibit after surviving some of the most horrific and horribly tragic events in your young lives.
You ladies have created such a BEAUTIFUL thing for others around the world that are/or have lived what you all have lived.
Being there to support others and attempt to end such madness that is taking place all over this world is PRICELESS in my eyes!
The amount of ••• Will and Strength ••• that each of you must carry with you every day is an overwhelming thought. All I can think is… WOW!!!
May God Bless You every single minute of every single day!

I just felt the need to post my thoughts after seeing your stories. Headed to visit your website, and see what I can get to help you ladies continue the wonderful work you are doing with your own lives… and the positivity you are leaving with others :)

Lawrence Sutherland
Lawrence Sutherland

March 26, 2017


I’ve just seen something about your organization on the news, which prompted me to share a tool of psychological healing. It’s a technique for divesting prior memories of trauma from the “energy” that allows them to continually resurface in a victim’s mind. I’d learned about it from various books relating to Native American shamanism (along with my own knowledge of ayurvedic principles) and have created a Facebook page showing how to do it. It’s called the Recapitulation technique and the instructions are in the “About” section:


Please be well. If you have any questions about it. feel free to let me know and I’ll personally address them. All the best, Lawrence Sutherland

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