Survivor Voices and Advocacy on the Rise in Jacksonville

March 27, 2017

Survivor Voices and Advocacy on the Rise in Jacksonville

This month Rethreaded and the survivor voice has had a large presence in the local media. There is an undercurrent of change in the city of Jacksonville right now in regards to human trafficking awareness and advocacy and the women featured as survivor advocates and leaders are on the forefront. It is a hopeful time for our city and there is more help and resources on the way.

First, we heard from Alyssa Beck who shares eloquently about what happened to her and how the women in this situation should be recognized as victims instead of criminalized. He Told Me He Could Help Me: How a Jacksonville Woman Was Recruited Into Sex Trafficking.

Next we heard from Jamie Rosseland, who wrote a letter to the Justice Coalition regarding the way her life was affected by being featured in a section called “Shame Shame Shame” of the Victim's Advocate. Her letter led to the victory of these archives being removed from the internet and relief for women who have been publically shamed. Women Like Me Don't Come Back From The Dead.

Her Song Founder, Rachel White, was honored by the FBI for the work she does to advocate for and assist human trafficking survivors. At Rethreaded, Her Song helps to facilitate the Survivor Development Program that provides mental health counseling, case management, crisis intervention and other life skills. Jacksonville Woman Honored By FBI For Work In Assisting Human Trafficking Victims.

Several city council members met with State Attorney Melissa Nelson, Sheriff Mike William, and service providers on March 13th to discuss the issue of human trafficking in our city. Our Founder, Kristin Keen, suggested focusing on the demand side of the prostitution transaction and asked JSO to look at the approach other cities take, like Seattle’s, City Leader's Want To Crack Down On Human Trafficking And Help Victims. Reporters also spoke to Jamie Rosseland about her opinion on the meeting, Human Trafficking on the First Coast and lastly, Kristin Keen spoke with another station about the significance of the meeting and how it is reshaping our culture, City Human Trafficking Meeting Brings Forth Need For Resources, Cultural Shift.

Alyssa Beck was awarded the Department of Juvenile Justice Youth Ambassador Award this month, recognizing her for being instrumental in effecting change at the public policy level. Alyssa is also working to establish a network of first-responders to identified victims of human trafficking within the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center, to provide them a clinical counselor, survivor mentor and survivor advocate, Non-Profit Pushing To Establish Statewide Network To Help Survivors Of Sex Trafficking.

Kristin was asked to say a few words about the rescued special needs woman who was reported missing and then found being trafficked on Backpage in a Jacksonville hotel room. "’It still shocks me, and it still breaks my heart, and it just makes me want to work harder to advocate for change,’ Keen said of hearing stories like this one.” Mentally Disabled Woman Rescued From Sex Traffickers. This story was also shared on social media by Shared Hope International.

Rethreaded is happy to a part of these conversations and the change that is happening in our city. 

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