Exciting Rethreaded Staff Updates

May 14, 2019 1 Comment

Exciting Rethreaded Staff Updates

“We build PEOPLE, not a company.”

This phrase is a part of Rethreaded’s values that we recite on a weekly basis. The importance of every person that enters our building; whether it be an employee or volunteer, is what matters most to us. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing members of the Rethreaded family thrive. We love to celebrate the wins of our team and we invite you to join us in celebrating.

We have some exciting things to share with you about the Rethreaded Staff:

Jenn, who previously held the position of Survivor Mentor recently started a new job! She is now a Survivor Mentor at the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center. While we miss Jenn, we know she is thriving in her new position, and continuing to have a huge impact in our beautiful city of Jacksonville. We are thankful for the time Jenn had at Rethreaded, she truly impacted anyone and everyone she came into contact with.


Kansas, our prior Operations Lead has also received an amazing opportunity to move forward in her career. Rethreaded will never be the same without her constant humor and joy, but we are very excited about this new chapter in Kansas’ life. With Kansas moving on, our very own Amber has been promoted to Operations Lead. We know Amber will be incredible in her new role and cannot wait to see her thrive even more.

Janine was also promoted internally. Her previous role was Production Associate and is now the Production Lead for the entire leather line. She has accomplished so much during her time here. She is self-taught on our industrial sewing machines and is learning how to work with all of the Southwest AirlinesⓇ leather and produce 90% of all of our products. We are so proud of all that Janine is doing (Check out some of her writinghere)  

Babes Who Hustle

Photo by Verance Photography

Diana recently earned her Driving Learner’s Permit! She has been working very hard to achieve this goal and we are so excited to see it come to pass! Give her a big high five next time you shop with us or see Diana at an event! Diana has also been promoted to Retail Sales Lead! Way to go, team!

When you become a part of the family at Rethreaded- throughshopping,donating orvolunteering, you are helping create opportunities for our women.

Thank you for your continued support, drop a comment below congratulating our amazing ladies for all of their success. If you haven't read the inspiring story of Renata's journey to hope being restored, check it out here.

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June wirtz
June wirtz

May 21, 2019

Way 2 Go…this is Awesome!I am so Amazed at how Re threaded helps ppl that have been held in human trafficking.I still dont think people understand this or believe this. Until thier daughter wife mom has been kidnapped into this..I. appreciate all that y’all do and have done. I pray for the day human trafficking ends…I would like to wish these ladies the very best. LOOK how far they’ve come, because of rethreaded you guys take these ladies in provide a place a job help them get back into society and so much more we don’t even know about.. In saying this I pray for continued healing and continued success in moving forward an upward in their lives God bless you all!!

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