Teacher Instills Value

May 11, 2019

Teacher Instills Value

I was a “normal” kid in the sense that I already knew everything and was completely confident in my ignorance. I wasn’t especially bad, but then again, I wasn’t on track to do much with the talents and skills I had. It had all come too easily up to that point. I still remember I was playing around after lunch one day, probably making a little more noise than necessary and Mr. Fuqua put his arm around me and said something to the effect of “you’re better than this, and one day you’re going to become the man I see inside you.”  

My teacher, Mr. Fuqua saw that deep down inside, I had ambition and drive. He knew that encouragement would ignite my will to achieve in life. He could see that even though I was youthful and immature.

I had talent.

I had value.

I had skills and when I hone them in it could turn into something beautiful.

Mr. Fuqua expected it of me before I knew I had it in me. He brought it all out and to the surface with an encouraging word. He never doubted me. That was the turning point in my life. He was a mentor to me and a guide through high school and I valued his input and feedback.  

My teacher, Mr. Fuqua was tough and expected excellence. But I didn’t mind because he taught me that I mattered. He saw that I had value. That day, when he found me playing around after lunch changed my life’s direction. From that day on I was determined to prove him right. I would become the man he had called me to be. The better man he could see inside that I couldn’t yet see. I’ll never forget that afternoon or the 30 seconds all those years ago that had such a significant impact on my life.

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