How to Rock your Grace Scarf

September 11, 2014 1 Comment


"The Grace Scarf is the first product that a women makes when she enters into the Rethreaded family. And this product has a lot of symbolism for us. This scarf is made up of individual strands that we bound together to make this beautiful scarf. And its symbolic to us because in order for us to come together and make something beautiful we have to have grace for one another. So a lot of you have told me – Kristin we love the Grace Scarf, we love the meaning behind it, but we just don’t know how to wear it. So that is why today I’m gonna teach you three ways to wear your Grace Scarf. 

The first way to wear your grace scarf we’re gonna call the Single. This is the easiest way to wear your grace scarf. All you do is take it, pop it over your head and done. You can wear the wrap behind your neck or you can wear it out as a decorative piece and this goes really really well with something long and flowey like this skirt and top I have on or even a maxi dress. 

The second way to wear your Grace Scarf we’re gonna call the double and this is by far the most popular way that most people wear their grace scarf. It goes great with a tank top and jeans, t-shirt and jeans, it just adds a good pop of color. So you are going to take your grace scarf put it over your head, then your gonna take take it in front of your body, loop it over re-loop it back over your head. At this point, you can wear it in a double layer or you can make it a single layer. Either way it adds a great pop of color to jeans and a t-shirt. 

The third way to wear your Rethreaded Grace Scarf we call the knot. The knot is my absolute favorite to wear with business suits or wheneverI want to be dressier its a super classic ook. So how you do the knot is you hold both ends of the grace scarf, you take one hand and you twist it twice twist it twice pull it a little tight and then your left with these two loops. So you take these two loops put them together just like this pull it down tight and then your gonna put your head through the two loops that you just formed, and at the end your left with a knot that goes cute with any business suit or business attire. But the most important thing to remember about the Grace Scarf is that when you wear it you become an advocate. One of our employees said to me, “Every time someone wears a Grace Scarf they remind me that my past doesn’t matter, that they have shown me grace.”

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vicki thornton
vicki thornton

March 13, 2016

Just discovered the Grace Scarf. Look forward to owning one!

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