No Complaints in the Hope Play Pants!

September 09, 2014

Planting Trees mommy blogger, April Ispas, featuring a product review of the Rethreaded "Hope Play Pants."

Sophie-girl doesn't like  HATES to wear clothing that is uncomfortable.

She didn't complain once about wearing these capri style bottoms.

What I love 

most of all

is that my little girl,


is helping to restore the life of a woman she probably won't ever meet,

by wearing these pants.

I hope that this value,

this moral,

this conviction

will seep into her very blood every time she wears them,

so that when she is grown,

the burden of justice,

of sewing new stories,

of redemption,

of freedom

will be the cry of her life.

(Exerpt from "Planting Trees" blog) click here to read the full post.


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