Why I Am So Passionate About Rethreaded

February 20, 2020 1 Comment

Why I Am So Passionate About Rethreaded

Written by our Founder and CEO Kristin Keen in 2012

I have been reflecting a lot lately. My journey with Rethreaded is calling me back to my journey with Jesus. It’s my passion in life for people (specifically women) to know that they are God's child. Tonight, I got to share the vision of Rethreaded. It made me remember days at Sari Bari. Before that time of my life, I was reminded WHY this is my passion. It's because that is what Jesus has spoken to me over and over again, all my life. "You are worthy. You are forgiven. You are beautiful. You are treasured. I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

I had breakfast with a dear friend this morning who is a counselor. She was sharing about her group counseling session that she led the night before. She was talking about taking our "darkest hour" and letting it be redeemed. She was reflecting on a woman in the group who recalled her darkest hour when she was raped. This woman had never ever in her whole life told anyone or shared what had happened to her. The woman who shared cried and it was healing for her.

It made me reflect on my own darkest hour; I remember being so angry. Then I remembered what it was like to hear those words from God, "I forgive you because I love you. You are my child. You are mine. You are worthy of my love. You are mine. You are mine." It was so surprising. So real and new. I remember thinking about how unlovable I felt. and then Jesus reached in and wrecked my heart with GRACE.

I feel as Rethreaded is starting to grow; I am hearing more and more stories of women’s lives changing for the better. I can once again be reminded of where I have come from, I am reminded of how my darkest hour feels like it has been redeemed. My darkest hour has been replaced with a passion for people to know their true worth. It's been replaced with a desire to introduce people to a Jesus that does not condemn but accepts and sets people free. The Jesus that I know, the Jesus that has never left me or forsaken me, or made fun of me, or condemned me, the Jesus that has pursued my heart and fought for me. This is the God that I know. This is the God that I want the women of Rethreaded to experience. This is why I am so passionate about Rethreaded because love wins. I know this because love pursues me and has won my heart. I can't wait for love to create a new story for us all.

I just needed to share that tonight.

2012 - Kristin Keen

What year did you find out about Rethreaded? Let us know in the comments! Thank you for supporting us and our continued growth. We could not do this without you.

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May 06, 2017

Oh my goodness… this is beautiful….thank you for sharing those beautiful empowering words. All women should read this. Love does win. I just found this site, and im so happy i did. Grace and blessings….thank you for all you are doing

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