Finding hope in Asa

April 06, 2016 1 Comment

Finding hope in Asa

Last Saturday at the Love Your Pet Day event our Director of Operations and Sales, Jason Jones, adopted a rescued dog from the Jacksonville Human Society. Jason and his wife named the 4 year-old dog Asa, which means hope in Bengali. This is a special name, because of Asa’s history. She led a rough life, and has no reason to trust humans, yet she hopes anyways. Hannah Joy captured this special moment between the two at the event.

Asa has been home for a few days now, and is thriving with her new family. From her we learn that hope still can be found even through the roughest of situations; that love and joy are never lost, and that new life can begin at anytime.

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Andrea Martyn
Andrea Martyn

April 08, 2016

What a blessing Asa will be. So happy for you Jason!

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