Volunteer Appreciation Week: Marilyn

April 16, 2020

Volunteer Appreciation Week: Marilyn

It is Volunteer Appreciation Week! Here at Rethreaded, we are blessed by the amount of volunteers that come in day-after-day to support us! Our volunteers strip leather, wash leather and fold our up-cycled t-shirt towels. Marilyn is one of our veteran volunteers, she has been here since day one! Every time Marilyn is in our building, she goes above and beyond to help. We sat down with Marilyn to gain a small glimpse into what volunteering looks like for her:

Q:Tell us a little bit about the tasks you do on a normal day volunteering?

A: “I will do anything that is asked of me, but mostly I do whatever it takes to help Angela keep production running smoothly. Some days it may be dyeing leather or maybe sitting with a survivor while she makes her first sewing machine stitches.”

Q: What is your favorite part about the work you do?

A: “Just being with the incredible women at Rethreaded makes my day. They come to Rethreaded on those first days, scared and nervous and wondering if they will ever belong. I hope I can give some encouragement and confidence…”

Q: What has been the biggest thing you have learned as a volunteer?

A: “I have learned how little it costs to make a difference. I've seen miracles happen here, big ones and little ones and they happen almost every single day. Doors open, drivers licenses returned, just getting your smile repaired, what we can take for granted is a pure miracle.”

When an individual volunteers at Rethreaded, they are more than a pair of hard working hands. As soon as you step into our warehouse to volunteer, you become a part of our family.

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