Volunteer Appreciation Week: Anne

April 16, 2020

Volunteer Appreciation Week: Anne

Anne is an incredible veteran volunteer at Rethreaded. She always comes into our building ready to work hard and as a friend to everyone. Her love of sewing has turned into a beautiful tool for bettering our community. Most days, you can find Anne in our warehouse, helping our production team create products, or sitting with us during lunch. Here is a small glimpse into Anne’s life as a volunteer:

Q: What made you decide to start volunteering with Rethreaded?

A: “A friend of mine was volunteering here and told Kristin I knew how to sew and I had been to the building before and I thought the whole place looked like a lot of fun. I knew this would be a way to give back with my talents...I have been sewing since I was about 12, I love to recreate things.”  

Q: What has been a favorite moment for you?

A: “It is just a lot of fun to work in a group together on a project. We all get to see something come to be... I love the teamwork we have. Everyone gets along so well and it is so fun to be able to share things together.”

Q: What is your favorite product to help make?

A: “It varies, but right now I would say helping with the leather products. The leather has been fun to work with and something I have never done before. It is great to be able to work with a new medium… We get to use industrial machines which is something I had never done before either. Working with leather is a growing process for me as well as the Rethreaded team. I love that we can experience the process together. There is a lot that goes into the leather process and I love every detail that goes into creating the leather products.”

What we love about Rethreaded is that we not only work for the community- but with the community. We feel a great sense of joy when individuals are able to champion their talents to make a difference.  



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