To The Women That Paved the Way

March 05, 2020

To The Women That Paved the Way

Our staff wrote letters to the women who inspire them. We are so blessed to have women like these in our lives. Check out their letters below:

I always remember the first time that I became aware of the fact that inequality existed for young girls.

The year was 1976, and even though Title IX had passed several years before, it was not enforced or implemented at most schools. 

Several of my friends set up meetings after meeting with school officials- because they wanted to play soccer. After hearing no over and over again, they turned to the community. 

For months these girls spent countless hours going door to door to have petitions signed that would allow them to try out for the boys' team. What they didn't expect was that they would end up with more signatures than the entire student body.

In 1977 my school fielded their first-ever all-girls team.

-Angela McAree 

What we do is for all the women who have come before. The women who were born in a time when women were not allowed to vote, earn an income or purchase a home. You fought for our rights. I look up to you, and I know you would be proud of how far we have come. Even though the road is long and it holds many distractions, I believe we can honor the hard work you did by standing up for ourselves and effectively create change for those to come.

-Rebekah Suwak 

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