Gift With Purpose This Mother’s Day

May 02, 2019

Gift With Purpose This Mother’s Day

We all know one special woman who has made a huge difference in our lives. Whether they raised you or were there for you during the best and worst times, a mother can be any woman who has been there to support and care for you. We believe in celebrating those special ladies no matter near or far, by gifting them with something special, something lasting that will show them how much you care to give a gift that gives back and will make them smile.

To help you get started we’ve put together a list of gifts that she’ll never forget, here are some Rethreaded favorites to gift this Mother’s Day.

Apple Rose Sample Kit

Apple Rose Beauty

What says thank you better than self-care and pampering items? Made by the wonderful Kristy Alexander, Apple Rose beauty products are a perfect all-natural choice to achieve amazing skin. Each sample kit comes with a Vitamin C Serum, cleanser, and moisturizer. You can try out all three Apple Rose products in a perfect travel-sized pouch.

Grace Scarf

Grace Scarf

Rethreaded track record shows Mom’s LOVE our signature product,Grace Scarves! Therefore our signature product makes an amazing Mother’s Day gift! The Grace Scarf is perfect for this time of year, the light material of the recycled t-shirt fabric adds a great layer to any spring look. Check out our pastel shades that are amazing for spring. You can even get threads for hope that matches!

Coffee Toffee

Coffee Toffee

We know everyone loves chocolate and spending time with the people they love. Gift mom with this delicious favorite that’s locally made right here in Jacksonville, Florida, then spend the day coming up with ways to incorporate it into your favorite baking recipes (coffee toffee brownies are amazing!). WhatCoffee Toffeerecipe will YOU create together?

Joy Necklace

Leather Joy Necklace

The Joy Necklace is a great accessory for anyone who wants to add just a little something to their outfit. This is a great gift for mother's day because there is a story behind it. You can share with your mom all about how each necklace is made from a recycled airline seat from Southwest Airlines and how this necklace actually isgood for the environment.

Lilac Wallet

Lilac Debre Wallet

We areIN LOVE with this wallet from our Freedom Partner FashionAble. TheDebre Walletis a beautiful practical fashion staple. Made out of beautifully soft suede, this is a wallet your mom will always want to have on hand. The unique lovely shade of purple is great for spring and will go with whatever bouquet you choose to get the mom in your life on her special day.  

Thank you for choosing to shop with us and change lives this Mother’s Day. When you shop with us you become a part of a group of world changers. We promise your gift giving experience will be very meaningful for you and the recipient when you give Rethreaded products. We hope you have the most incredible celebration and remember us for all the special events in your life!

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