A Love Letter: The Bond of Friendship between Mother and Daughter

May 02, 2019

A Love Letter: The Bond of Friendship between Mother and Daughter

Relationships between mother and daughter are like no other. They have the power to overcome adversity and stand the test of time. Dorothy, one of our incredible employees, shared a beautiful letter from her daughter expressing her thanks for all that Dorothy has done in her life. She asked that we share it with all of you to celebrate the love and friendship between her and her daughter.

“I love you! Thanks for being an awesome bestie. I know when we talk it's secure, real, true and full of love!

Thank you for never giving up on me, as a teen mom you could have given up on me but you did not. I honestly think of that a lot and I know that choice wasn't easy. I pray that one day you can see me be successful. God has a plan for us!

Thank you for everything and I love you so much! I just pray that I will be in a position to do more.

Life has been hard but God is connecting the dots. He is moving mountains and restoring our lives! The best place to break is in the Master's Hands. He's putting things together.

I am grateful to have you as my Mother, I mean that. You are the reason why many people's lives have changed.

People believed that The Lord can change lives, but they witness Him do it in and through you! Thank you for being so awesome.”

We are thankful to Miss Dorothy for sharing a piece of her life and a piece of her heart. Read more powerful stories from the Rethreaded Staff about motherhood on our blog. Did you know we were featured on CNN? Check out our feature on inspiration and hard work here

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