Excellence Through Hard Work: A Mother’s Life Lesson Instilled Through Example

May 02, 2019

Excellence Through Hard Work: A Mother’s Life Lesson Instilled Through Example

Turning Loss into Hope: A Mother is the Symbol of Strength For Her Sons After Experiencing Loss

The mission of Rethreaded is to Renew Hope, Reignite Dreams and Release Potential.  When I look around our warehouse and see the power of the women at Rethreaded and the impact they have on their children and women who are coming behind them, I am reminded of my mother’s strength and the significant impact she has had on my life.

My mom is incredible. Just a few years after she married my father, she lost him to cancer and had to step into the role of a single parent of two young boys. She didn’t expect it or ask for it.  But she didn’t shy away from it. She made sacrifice after sacrifice to ensure she achieved her responsibility to us. She was committed to raising two rambunctious little boys and helping them grow into men.  She understood that everything of value has a price and she paid that cost for us. She loved us completely and taught us to be men of honor, disciplined, respectful and hard-working. She really didn’t give us another choice (haha). She pushed us to be our very best, taught us that hard work is necessary for excellence and refused to let us do less than our best. Even when we wanted to go the easy route, she would guide us along by going with us and doing the hard work whether it was studying for a spelling bee or mowing a yard. 

My mom taught my brother and me to be leaders by being a leader herself.We never doubted that we could achieve our goals because she instilled hope in us. We never failed to believe we could make a difference by taking action because she supported our passions and commitments. And she pushed us relentlessly to achieve excellence, expecting only our best if we decided we were going to do something. She knew we could and would achieve our potential through discipline and execution. She was always there with a soft word, a hug or the world’s best back rubs at the end of the day.  She loved us completely in word and deed, and if I ever do anything of value in my life, she deserves the praise for it! I love you, mom!

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