Companies That Change Lives: Farah and Farah Spotlight

December 19, 2019

Companies That Change Lives: Farah and Farah Spotlight

Rethreaded would not exist without support from our partners. When a business chooses to purchase gifts that change lives or hosts a Rethreaded pop-up shop, it keeps our mission on a path forward. 

Farah and Farah is an organization that goes above and beyond for Rethreaded. The personal injury law firm uses its platform to change lives in many ways. By using their business to create momentum for Rethreaded, they are making a stand to say that the community is supported and loved.

In October 2019, the Farah and Farah team approached Rethreaded with a wonderful idea. The proposal included shooting a commercial that would highlight the Rethreaded mission and local small business. We felt honored and excited to begin working together on the project.

On November 13, a large crew came to film at the Rethreaded warehouse. It felt almost like Christmas morning as exciting energy filled the warehouse. The camera, tech and makeup crew were kind and very helpful. The Rethreaded team had an incredible time that day. 

Our Founder and CEO, Kristin Keen shared the heart and mission of Rethreaded. Members of the Rethreaded staff also had the opportunity to share their heart and passion for the mission.  The project came to life in a purely authentic and joyous way. 

What means the most to us about this whole experience was the characteristic of Farah and Farah’s team.

“We joined forces with Rethreaded because everyone deserves dignity and respect.” (Chuck Farah). 

We believe it is vital for businesses to use their platform to shine a light on a community that needs support.  


Thank you, Farah and Farah, for using your business for good. Thank you for sending a strong message to survivors that they belong and they deserve the very best.

Check out the first commercial here!

Looking for ways to have your business to be involved with Rethreaded? Check out our volunteerGifts of Hope, and donation tabs on our website! We can’t wait for you to join the Rethreaded family! Let’s change lives together! 

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