Community and Restoration: Sandra’s Story

December 30, 2019

Community and Restoration: Sandra’s Story

Today, we are bringing you a very special story about one of our own. 

Over a year ago, an incredible woman named Sandra worked with us at Rethreaded. Her story is a beautiful testimony of faith. Sandra's experience is a living example of the strong sense of community women can find here at Rethreaded. This is a sisterhood that lasts a lifetime:

Sandra’s Story: 

I was working for a cleaning company doing construction cleaning in Gainesville and myself and one of my coworkers was sexually harassed daily and we were smoking crack daily. I prayed and asked God to open the door for another job as I was feeling unsafe every day, both mentally and physically. I ran into Denise Smith and she asked me what was the matter. I proceeded to tell her what was happening with my job. She told me that Rethreaded was hiring four women. I quickly sent Kristin my resume. Within a week, I was contacted by Kristin and soon after I was trained and hired.

Working at Rethreaded was amazing. I loved morning devotion and praying for the women still out there. I fell in love with all of the women there. Miss Dorothy prayers, Lisa’s beautiful smile, Janine’s hunger for more of Jesus, Renata’s grit, Jennifer’s determination, Diana’s tenacity. Amber became my fiercest friend who's stuck with me through the good and bad times. I was so excited when Stephanie was hired at Rethreaded. She and I have been friends and she is the one that got me back into the church and my relationship with Jesus Christ. She also helped baptize me along with our Pastor. 


What I learned about Rethreaded is that they will never give up on you. I ended up relapsing due to very deep wounds that needed more extensive healing. Rethreaded still went above and beyond to ensure my continued healing even after my employment. Rethreaded had Erin and Jenn look for a place where I could go and heal- without needing to worry about the day-to-day stressors. A place where I could heal and rest. They found Refuge for Women in Nevada. I will never be able to repay Rethreaded for what they did for me. Their love and compassion have changed my life. They flew me to Nevada and a wonderful new chapter in my life began.

Since coming here God has truly done work from the inside out. I have graduated from The Refuge for Women's program and was accepted into their very first transitional/transformation faith-based home by Refuge for Women. When it came time to graduate I knew Erin and her husband were coming to share in this victory with me, which meant the world. When I opened up the door expecting Erin and seeing it was my beautiful friend Amber, I lost it. I was overcome with joy. When I turned around and saw my precious Stephanie, I lost it again. I will never forget that feeling of being loved so much by these incredible women. It was so overwhelming. My heart is both happy and grateful!

Since then I have become an ordained Chaplain. This was not what I had planned or even dreamed of when I came here. I came here for healing. God’s plan was even bigger. Now my heart is to go into hospitals and Hospice to share the love of Jesus and pray for their healing. I want to go to the homeless, the addicts and share what Jesus has done for me. It all started with Rethreaded taking a chance on me. For this, I will be eternally grateful!

Friend’s Perspectives On The Love And Light Sandra Brings: 

“Sandra and I were hired together. Something I noticed about her was that she didn’t talk a lot. She was always listening to worship music as she worked. I would hear her saying “Yes, Jesus!” multiple times a day. It made me smile, I would think to myself: “I want faith as she has.” Quickly, Sandra became my favorite person to work with. We understood one another. What made me admire her so much was how often she put others first. Sandra was always praying for people and asking how they were. Whenever she wasn’t at work, you could feel her absence throughout the office. When she left Rethreaded, it was the worst thing ever, I honestly didn't want to come back to work. Still, I knew this was a friendship worth keeping and fighting for. I texted her almost every day. I knew she wouldn’t be able to read them for a while, but it helped me cope. I knew that attending her program graduation was a no brainer. It is amazing to see her succeed and do what she was always meant to be doing.” 

(Amber, Rethreaded Inventory Lead) 

“I have had the honor of knowing Sandra since 2016. Over the years, I watched Sandra walk her path and grow closer to God, it wasn’t always easy and she struggled just like I did. She has always been there to listen and guide me in the best way she knew how, through prayer. It was hard to see Sandra struggle; I was always looking for the right words to take away the pain. When Sandra left for The Refugee House in Las Vegas, it was a difficult time for all of us at Rethreaded. Sandra is a person you can’t replace. After nine long months, the time came for Sandra to graduate the program. I knew this was something I couldn’t miss! She was so surprised when Amber and I walked into the door at her house! It was incredible, we cried and we laughed, it was an incredible feeling. I have never been more proud of Sandra and I don’t think I will ever encounter another person with such a beautiful soul as hers.” 

(Stephanie, Rethreaded Volunteer and Events Coordinator ) 

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