A Letter from Kristin

December 30, 2015

We sit around the table every Tuesday and we all participate in an activity called “Ticket Tuesday.” It is our chance to encourage each other and highlight something positive we saw in our co-workers during the past week. And every week we are blessed with words like these:


“Summer went above and beyond this week.”

“Alyssa and Joan, Thank you for all your hard work in getting all the details together we don’t think about on a daily basis.”

“Michelle, thank you for taking the time to teach me the scarf.”

We call out in each other the gifts that each of us contribute to Rethreaded; we remind each other that we are part of each other’s story. This is my favorite part about Rethreaded; that we are a part of each other, we belong to each other, we belong to God. And this truth is healing....not just for the heart of our survivors, but for my heart, for your heart, for our city’s heart, for our world. We belong to each other. Because in the end we are all survivors of something. We all have a story. We all need each other.

As we move forward into next year we are dreaming for a big story, a dream that is big enough to need our community’s help to achieve it! We are looking to hire up to twelve women next year, start a work program with the local jail (Montgomery Correctional Center), buy a new building, launch a national sales campaign, and develop a non-seasonal sewing business so we can have more jobs to hire as many women as possible. Sounds amazing, right?

It is. It's big.We need you to be part of our story.

If we can raise $25,000 more dollars by December 31st we can cover the cost to bring six more women into our family and completely cover their three months of training.That means a brand new start at life. It means a chance to discover what gifts she possesses. It means a chance to understand that she and you are part of something bigger than yourself. It means a new start of you, for me, for our community, for our world.

Thank you for believing that the world can change.
With much Hope,
Kristin Keen


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