Cord Organizer / Cable Keeper Leather


Ever reach into your bag and come out with a tangled mess of headphones or phone charger? We have a solution! Wrap your headphones or USB cable, snap into place and your cables are neatly stowed in an attractive little package with our unique upcycled Cord Organizer and Cable Keeper. Earbuds, a cell phone, tablet charger, or even a small laptop charger will fit perfectly around our handcrafted Cord Organizer and Cable Keeper.


This upcycled tech accessory is stylish, stows neatly in your bag, and would make a perfect gift that gives back for any technologically savvy friend or coworker in your life. This unisex travel accessory is one-of-a-kind and perfect for everyone from professional business men or women to any modern day individual who wants to travel with style and convenience.When you purchase this newest addition to the Rethreaded x Southwest Airlines® Collection you are choosing to buy from a socially conscious business. We guarantee it will change lives.


  • Made of genuine leather from retired airline seat covers donated by Southwest Airlines®
  • Silver snap closure
  • Dimensions:2.5" x 2.5"
  • Rethreaded team upcycled the donated airline seat covers from Southwest Airlines® into a co-branded leather accessories collection that is expertly crafted by survivors in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Each organizer is individually made.



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