Ananas Mug

Each mug is made by an in house pottery team made up of all women at our Freedom Partner, Papillon Marketplace. 

The best mug ever created! Whether you start your day with a strong cup of coffee or end your day with calming herbal tea, Papillon’s handmade mugs hold more than 16oz of your favorite hot beverages. Our ceramic mugs are kiln fired and finished with food safe, lead free glaze.

Every piece is carefully crafted with love by a mother wanting to send her children to school. 

  • Handmade Haitian clay mug. 
  • Kiln-fired, food-safe glazing. 
  • Do not use in microwave or dishwasher.  
  • 16 oz mug
  • Freedom Partner: 
  • Vibrant Colors & Patterns
  • Sturdy Handle



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