Why We Love Our Rethreaded Leadership Team

October 16, 2017

Why We Love Our Rethreaded Leadership Team

At Rethreaded, we are a family! We wanted to take a moment to recognize our Leadership Team for all of the hard work they do to continue the mission and tell them that we appreciate them.

 - Founder and President, Kristin Keen

"I love Kristin because she is creative, smart, fast thinking, and very compassionate. She puts everyone around her before herself. Her heart is pure. She believes in me!"

"I love Kristin because she gave me a chance to really be somebody and the passion that she has for what she is doing is remarkable."

Director of Administration & Finance, Nikki Tubig-Foiles

"I love Nikki because she is not just my boss but a teacher. She is so supportive and not only cares about the job at hand but me as a person. She role models great leadership. I couldn't ask for a better boss."

"I love Nikki because she is easy going and patient. She always is ready to see the best in you."

Director of Marketing, Ansley Busch

" I love Ansley because she always challenges me to keep moving forward. Even when things are difficult and I am ready to give up, she believes in me and celebrates in my victories."

I love working for Ansley because she has such a huge heart for people and for the mission of Rethreaded. She dreams big and strives for excellence and works really hard to make Rethreaded look as good on the outside as it is on the inside."

Thank you all for being examples of exemplary leadership and selfless devotion! 

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