Why Do Men Shop at Rethreaded?

June 12, 2017

At Rethreaded we have many meaningful connections with men in our community. We started to wonder why these men choose to spend their time volunteering, advocating for and shopping at Rethreaded and supporting a cause so heavily focused on empowering women. Instead of theorizing, we just decided to ask. The answers blew us away and reminded us of the amazing community we are surrounded with. You will be inspired by their passion!

“I shop at Rethreaded to promote career growth and opportunity for women; provide meaningful gifts that the recipient will appreciate; and to be a positive example for my daughters.”

- Joel Chamberlain CPARethreaded Board Treasurer

“I shop at rethreaded for my wife because I love her. I want her to know she is beautiful and deserves the very best. I want to shower her with the love and unique, handcrafted quality that comes from women liberated to pursue a passion and create something beautiful. I shop at rethreaded because I love what they do, who they are and what they can become - not just locally, but globally. I shop at rethreaded because love wins. Because it's beautiful. Because it keeps fighting and growing and living and creating. I shop at rethreaded because I want to fuel that fire, to support it and watch it thrive to be a light in the dark.”

- Jesse BibbeeRethreaded Advocate

“Rethreaded has such a strong and ambitious mission, that does so much good. This mission relies heavily on the support of the community. Shopping at Rethreaded makes me proud because I know that my purchases directly affect their objective. Also, it is a great feeling gifting awesome products made by strong women to the strong women in my life!”

- Jesse BrantmanRethreaded Photographer

I shop at Rethreaded because they have achieved the rare “triple whammy” in the business world. (And I did say “business,” not charity or non-profit on purpose!) Rethreaded produces products that people want, with extremely high quality, and do it with a powerful social conscience. They are truly doing God’s work and I am happy and proud to be associated with them.”

-  Michael Kane Rethreaded Advocate

"I shop at Rethreaded as a way to take positive action against injustice both locally and globally. I enjoy knowing my resources are in direct opposition to the money spent on exploitation of women around the world."

-Noah Marks Rethreaded Advocate

Find your reason to shop at Rethreaded today.

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