We’ve Got the Top 3 Ways To Pack and Style Your Pen Pouch in 2020

October 01, 2020

We’ve Got the Top 3 Ways To Pack and Style Your Pen Pouch in 2020

We are claiming Fall 2020 as Leather Pen Pouch Season. Why? Because we cannot stop obsessing over this accessory. Why do we love the Zippered pen pouch so much? It may be one of the most versatile accessories we own. This roomy accessory is set up for any kind of journey- check out our top ways to use our zippered pen pouch: 

1. School and Office Organization

Are you a teacher or a student? If you answered yes, the Pen Pouch is perfect for you! This accessory is roomy enough for pens, pencils, a phone charger, and more! Store these items neatly inside your pen pouch to prevent your desk from becoming cluttered. 

2. For A Day Trip

Looking forward to a day off with a change of scenery? Take a day trip with your leather pen pouch. Throw in a small bag of snacks, your phone, and a travel-sized bottle of sunscreen! The pen pouch has just enough room for what’s most important to make you prepared for a fun day off. 

Leather Pen Pouch

3. A Purse

We love using the Zippered Pen Pouch as a purse. Add your lip balm, wallet, mask, sunglasses, and more! The pen pouch is roomy enough to carry everything you need so you don’t have to go digging through a large tote to find your things. 

Style Leather Wristlet

You can also use the Zippered Pen Pouch as a stylish wristlet! This is great for anyone who is always on-the-go and prefers to not carry a bag over their arm. Simply unclip one side of the strap and attach it to the other side to create a small loop. 

What do YOU love about the Zippered Pen Pouch? 

Each one is handcrafted with love by a survivor of human trafficking in Jacksonville, Florida. A purchase of one pen pouch covers two hours of job training for one of our survivor employees. Help change lives by shopping this accessory today (the Pen Pouch also makes a great gift!). 

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