Unknown Star

July 08, 2019

Unknown Star

 Today's Blog is a beautiful poem written by Diana, our very own Retail Sales Lead. She loves sharing the stories behind every product we sell. Her favorite product is the Hope Candle, made by our Freedom Partner: Thistle Farms. Check out her favorite scent here. We hope you enjoy her story.  

A unique sense of intelligence,

Something the world has never known.

Yet, I surround myself with the very evil that has been sent to tear me down.

On this long road to success with thorns all over my path.

Alone, lost and broken hearted, yet everyday, I still make my face up.

Praying this time I’ve got the message right, I built my house on solid grounds.

Now along comes temptation, and excitement I could not find when I was down.

God has been my shield, the only one that could have kept me from the strange life of death and sin.

I bet the devil is mad now, he couldn’t stop me no matter how hard he tried.

I stand tall above my past and leave all those painful TEARS behind.

With this new life ahead of me I refuse to miss this chance, this opportunity.

Moment by moment 


God’s taking the blinders off so I can see.

It was only unknown to me the star that I am meant to be!

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