March 08, 2019


International Women's Day

Threads of Hope—Future: Kansas Williams Feature

In our third feature in honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we chose one of our own, Kansas Williams.

To be an empowered woman is more than just feeling strong. It’s also about empowering others to stand with you. Many of us experience comparison and discouragement in our lives, but we have the power to affect change in this world. Let's stand up for one another and remind each other of our infinite worth. When we encourage the women around us, negativity begins to dwindle in our atmosphere. Hope weaves its way into the lives of many, creating a continuing thread throughout the world.

Kansas Williams is a great example of a woman who is threading hope for the future. A mother of three, two of whom are young ladies. She has paved a way filled with empowerment for her family’s future generations to thread their own journey of hope.

I sat down with Kansas to talk to her about what it means to be a mother—what it means to her in this role of paving the way for her daughters’ futures:

Q: “Kansas what does it mean to you when you hear that you are threading hope for your daughters?”

A: “It means to keep pressing through—to do the hard stuff and the little stuff. When times get tough to let people know there is hope. That there is always hope and they will be able to pull through.”

Q: “You say the little things are important...”

A: “The little things are being a mom everyday. It’s taking care of them when they are sick, brushing their hair, helping them get ready for school. It’s in the little things that I can show my girls they are cared for and that they have value.”

Q: “You play a special role of being an empowered woman who is a catalyst for change, what makes you feel motivated?”

A: “My motivation is my children. Through our bedtime routine of tucking them in and kissing them goodnight—that is when I know I did good for them and myself that day.”

Q: “Imagine a moment when your girls come to you and they feel as though they have lost hope. What do you say to them?”

A: “I would tell them there is always hope, and I would say “you are my happy place”, then I would remind them of the love Jesus has for them. They love to talk to me about Jesus and tell me about their prayers.”

As we wrapped up our conversation, Kansas shared with us about how she prayed God would give her a daughter one day, and then he gave her two. “Jesus always gives us the desire of our hearts, that is where we can find hope.”

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