The Business of Giving Hope

August 24, 2016

The Business of Giving Hope


What is the worst company gift you have ever received? For the members of Rethreaded’s community, the top answer: clocks, mugs, and pens. All uniform in color and in logo. Each person we connected with about corporate gifting we asked about how they gifted, who they gifted to, and what their gifting style is. All responded that they love to give gifts that are personal and have meaning.

We are filling the gap in the corporate gifting world by offering a new line, Gifts of Hope. The Gifts of Hope line is offering local, unique, sustainable, and survivor-made gifts for companies to invest into for their employees and their clients. From something as simple as a keyfob, to something as extravagant as abottle of wine or bag of coffee with a personal bag.



Every gift is made to order and is customizable by color, and through a local artist we are able to woodblock print company logos onto our products.

And the best part? The tag that is attached to all of the Gifts of Hope collection are hand-signed by our survivors.

So, when you purchase these gifts you receive a card with the name of the woman you are bringing freedom to. With your purchase, you are able to bring hope to a woman here in Jacksonville.

So, what kind of gifts does your company give? View our cataloghere. If you would like to learn more contact Haley Wright

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