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July 03, 2017

We’re undergoing some BIG changes at Rethreaded! Recently we made a few partnerships that will enable many of the women we work with to have access to benefits which have been out of their reach until now.

Partnership with Continuwell

 Continuwell is providingtheir telehealth services to provide a nurse call line free to their employees. Rethreaded employees now have a unique, dedicated phone number that they can call if they have a medical symptom or question, but does not function as a crisis hotline.

Partnership with Health Designs

 Health Designs is providing basic health screenings, health assessments, workshops and one-on-one coaching helping each woman accomplish her wellness goals.  

Partnership with Fetner & Hartigan and Edwards & Cavendish

 Fetner & Hartigan will be providing their dental services to women looking to have routine check-ups and cleanings, while longtime partner Edwards & Cavendish will continue their role of providing major dental procedures to the women who need them.

Each one of these services are at no cost to the women who work at Rethreaded and are provided to the organization at no cost or deeply discounted rates. Without the support of our community and companies who come alongside us, we wouldn’t be able to offer these benefits to our employees. Now in addition to being able to provide mental health services through our Survivor Development Program, we can now also provide services that give our employees access to healthcare.  

We asked a couple of the employees how they feel about the new benefits and the health assessments. Here is what they said:

“The Health Designs representative was focused on my needs and my health. She helped me understand the difference between good and bad cholesterol. I talked to her about how I recently quit smoking and she was able to provide insight as to what was happening to my body during the weeks after quitting, I felt relieved that the changes I am experiencing are normal!” -- Rethreaded Survivor Employee

“I have struggled without having good insurance, the hearts of the people who partner with us for services are so beautiful. This is an answered prayer for me. One of the provided benefits will cover the cost of my medications for a whole year! I am excited to see how this program evolves to benefit the women who come behind us.” -- Rethreaded Survivor Employee

“It was good to be able to confirm that the lifestyle changes I have made over the past year have really made a difference in my overall health. I got to see on paper that my choices are making a direct, positive impact on my blood pressure, cholesterol levels and weight goals.” -- Rethreaded Survivor Employee

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