Rethreaded Staff Favorite Accessories For 2020 Fall/Autumn Season

September 20, 2020

Rethreaded Staff Favorite Accessories For 2020 Fall/Autumn Season

With summer 2020 seemingly stretching on for a couple of years, we are happily welcoming the fall season. We love embracing the warm colors of the season, the change in temperatures (even if it’s only a mild change for us living in Florida), and changing up our wardrobe and accessories! We are excited to share how the Rethreaded staff is styling new favorites and classic items from our collection (for ourselves, and our furry friends). Check out which accessories we love for Fall 2020



“I love all of the Rethreaded products. It's hard to choose just one but my favorite product is the olive Rivet Tab earring. I really love them because they kind of remind me of my life, as something old turns into something new. Watching the old leather seats be transformed into a beautiful new product is awesome just like me.” (Christi Schnell, Finance)



“My favorite is the Threads of hope bracelet!! I love what it looks like! I love what it means!! When I look at it. I know there’s hope out there for everyone. If I can get back on my feet I know anyone can!” (Jade Dunham, Production)

I love the Sari Bari bags because they are versatile and of course the GRACE Scarf. (I have 22 so far). The scarf is my favorite because of the story behind it and the fact that they are BEAUTIFUL and accent any outfit.” (Shirley Turner, Retail Sales)



I LOVE the Seer bracelet!Not only, can I wear it with everything. It reminds me to see the good in myself and others and to be strong and hopeful. I wear it to remind me to have courage and move forward. I kind of feel like my own wonder woman when I have it on. It will be a gift that I give to all my wonderful women this holiday season. (Gloria Love, Program)

 “I have fallen in love with the cat toys or cat’s best friend, especially the mice. Those little critters are so cute to me.” (Dorothy Woodward, Production)

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