Meeting Kari Jobe

March 02, 2017

Meeting Kari Jobe

At Rethreaded incredible things happen every day. The redemption that the organization holds is baffling and quite often our community really expresses their love for us in spectacular ways! Most recently this manifested itself by a couple of Rethreaded employees getting the opportunity to meet Kari Jobe at New Life Christian Fellowship during The Garden Tour. A couple of phone calls were made by a Rethreaded advocate that allowed the organization the opportunity to meet the Christian contemporary singer and songwriter and gift her with some Rethreaded gear. (We are hopefully anticipating a great picture of Kari wearing a Chunky Grace Scarf!)

The whole experience was made even more special by the fact that the two survivors who were able to attend the event really love Kari Jobe’s music. For one of the women it was her first Christian concert and an experience that she will never forget. She said, “I have been listening to her music and watching her videos and it has always touched me how enthusiastically Kari sings and worships, but to be there. It’s like I just wanted to soak it all in.” The night started off with early entry into the concert and getting to be a part of a small, intimate Q & A with Kari and her husband Cody. Many of the questions were geared to Kari’s music ministry by aspiring worship leaders. Then came the meet and greet. Kari was so humble and down to earth, but also excited to hear about the mission of Rethreaded.

Reflecting on the experience reminds not only the women who were able to attend but the entire staff, that what seems unachievable, extravagant and out of reach may really just be a phone call away. With a community that really cares, we can accomplish anything. The final and lasting impression of the women attending the concert was this, “The impossible is possible and God is all around us.”

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