Make Our Birthday Wishes Come True!

July 23, 2019

Make Our Birthday Wishes Come True!

Rethreaded is turning eight and we cannot wait to celebrate with YOU. Our family of customers, local businesses and community partners are what keeps Rethreaded going. When we celebrate our birthday, we are not only celebrating how far the company has come, we are celebrating YOU. What would a birthday celebration be without a gift wish list? These are not your ordinary present requests... these are the items that will take Rethreaded to the next level. Rethreaded could expand our impact beyond what we could ever imagine. Do you want to be a part of changing lives? Check out our wish list below! 

SUV or Minivan 

We are dreaming big and reaching for the stars with this wishlist item: A donation of a new or used SUV or minivan, that is in great shape. This will help our staff attend various events around the city that we had to limit ourselves with only one working (sort of) vehicle. A reliable vehicle would allow us to attend more events, creating opportunities for us to expand our mission and impact.

Five iPad Mini’s and OtterBox Covers

We are in need of five new iPads and five OtterBox covers. Our ladies learn a lot of new skills through technology. This includes how to run a sales floor, work in the excel program, both of which require the technology to do so.iPads are a key component for our pop-up events in helping us increase our business and the individuals we reach and are able to service.Our current iPads have reached the age where they can no longer keep up with current software updates.A gift of a new iPad with a case will help our staff thrive in their work, without being held back by unreliable technology.  

Production Tool Kit  

Every Rethreaded accessory is handcrafted right here  in our warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida. That means each retired leather airline seat from Southwest Airlines Ⓡ has to be carefully pulled apart, measured, dyed, and cut to size, before it can become a beautiful accessory (check out how we make our leather items here). A similar process happens for all of our products that are made out of t-shirts (such as our Grace Scarf and Threads for Hope). When our ladies are taught how to make our products, it is a perfect symbol of how they can rethread their lives. Every product starts as something small, like a piece of leather or a t-shirt, but with hard work and determination it becomes something beautiful. Help us get the proper tools we need to continue making these products: 

Rotary Blades  

Rotary Cutter

Rotary Cutting Mat

Rotary Cutting Straight Edge


Job training 

In June, we were able to hire five ladies into our Survivor Advocate Program. With your help, we can continue to provide job training and services. A donation of $25 directly provides an hour of job training for one of our new hires. 

Publix Gift Card

Hosting events for the community is a major part of who we are at Rethreaded. Publix gift cards allow us to cover various event-related expenses. This includes items such as: appetizers, beverages, and event decorations (Our previous Women Empowering Women event was a huge success, in part to a Publix donation!). 

Visa Gift Cards & Amazon Gift Cards

Visa and Amazon gift cards allow us to cover unplanned business expenses as well as any other survivor needs. The more prepared we can be when the unexpected happens, our success as a business is more likely. We need your support to continue to thrive.

Group Therapy  

For $25, you can provide an hour of group therapy at Rethreaded taught by our mental health counselor. These classes are an important piece of our Survivor Advocate Program. Through each mental health class, our ladies are able to work through past trauma; rethreading their lives with hope and grace. 

We are always blown away by the generosity of our customers and business partners. Our work could not be done without you! Help us out by sharing this list with everyone you know. Who knows, a friend of yours could have a van they are looking to get rid of, or has the ability to gift any of the other items on this list. In the meantime, do not forget to RSVP to our Birthday Party and celebrate this incredible moment in our history. 

Are you able to purchase or donate an item on this list? Wonderful! Come by our storefront any time from 9am-5pm/Monday-Friday or email Kristin Keen at You can also call us at 1(904) 438-8109. 

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