Let's Talk About Grace

April 26, 2017

Let's Talk About Grace

Before I started working at Rethreaded, life as a survivor was hard to navigate. I remember feeling unloved and unlovable. When I walked in for my interview, I was nervous. When we sat down, Kristin lit a candle and prayed with me before the interview started and I immediately felt more at ease. I had been turned down for many jobs because of my record so I was afraid that this would happen here too. She showed me love and grace that day when she talked to me about my past without judgment and just believed in me.

In the retail space, I immediately noticed the wall of scarves. They were organized by color and style. I learned that these are one of the first products new survivor's make. Each scarf is made out of upcycled t-shirt, cut into 15 individual threads and stretched by hand. Once stretched, each strand curls, eliminating all errors made in the cutting process, leaving you with the perfect strand to add to the bundle. Once bundled, all unique strands are then tied together into a beautiful scarf. This is the story of theGrace Scarf.


The Grace Scarf is my favorite because it reminds me every day of the grace that I have received and am called to extend to others. Our scarves come in so many colors and different styles! We have theChunky Grace Scarves,Hand Dyed Grace Scarves and Team Grace Scarves.You can add a pop of color to any outfit! See more ways to rock yours. This year we introduced theScarf of The Month, each month there is a different, limited-edition color scarf that is only produced one time-- and they've been selling out quickly! 

When someone is wearing one of our scarves, she is empowering a woman and saying that her past does not define her! 

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