Largest Hiring Cycle In Rethreaded History And During A Pandemic!

August 11, 2020

Largest Hiring Cycle In Rethreaded History And During A Pandemic!

August 5, 2020, was like Christmas morning at Rethreaded. Seven incredible ladies walked through our doors for their first day of work at Rethreaded. This is the largest hiring cycle in the history of Rethreaded. With all the uncertainty going on right now, being able to hire these women was of the utmost importance to us an organization. This hiring cycle was made possible by our mask production and sales as well as continued support from our incredible community. 

“During the pandemic our country has seen a 40% increase in calls for help to the human trafficking hotline, says our Founder and CEO Kristin Keen. “Now, more than ever, Rethreaded is committed to helping survivors have access to everything they need to start a new life. We are so excited to welcome seven new women to our Rethreaded family!  We will stand with them in their new journey to freedom.” 

Our dream is to be able to never say no to a woman who is ready to start a new life. Being able to hire seven new ladies is a huge milestone for Rethreaded, as well as an honor for our current staff to witness. 

"I think I have the best job in the world because I get to be present at all of our new hire interviews,” says Nikki Tubig Foles, our Director of Finance and Administration. “I get the pleasure of calling each woman and offering her a job and a chance at a new life for her and her family. I can hear their excitement, and sometimes joyful tears, and I feel so honored to share that moment with them. I have seen firsthand the impact Rethreaded has had on the lives of the women that came before them."

We are thankful to everyone who has supported us over the past few months. Rethreaded looks forward to seeing these ladies thrive. If you would like to support us by shopping or donating, please visit the links below: 



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