If I Had A Megaphone: Part 1

August 13, 2019

If I Had A Megaphone: Part 1

Today's blog is a special two part piece, written by: Erin Pruett. Erin is our Mental Health Counselor and Therapist. She is passionate about people and the outdoors. Something you may not know about Erin is that she loves to listen to music in languages she doesn't speak. Her favorite Rethreaded product to rock around town is the Threads For Hope bracelet. 

"If I had a megaphone" 

If I had a megaphone I would give a shout out to all the helpers and angels out there and plead with them to keep up the good work. I’d ask them to not throw in the cards when it gets tough because there is someone out there that desperately needs them. Someone who desperately needs a safe person to sit with them. They desperately need someone to stand with them in the courtroom and sit with them at the Thanksgiving table. There is someone that desperately needs to be held when they are crying and asked to go on for another day. They desperately need someone to see the scars that are just barely covered up by the bracelets they wear. 

There is someone that desperately needs someone to look into their eyes and say “You are loved and you matter.” There is someone who desperately needs an encouraging high-five and the consistent presence of a helper.

If I had a megaphone, I would shout out that you “the helper” are probably known by many names. Perhaps you are a teacher, a therapist, case worker, advocate or guardian ad litem, perhaps a mentor, principle, coach, a church leader, perhaps a family member, judge, or a doctor or nurse. Or perhaps you are the lady at publix or the guy at the gas station. Perhaps you don't think you matter but you do and your actions matter. 

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