Hot Spot Power Yoga: Using Business For Good

May 18, 2017

We love our community partners! The Owner of Hot Spot Power Yoga, Leah Hansen, is using her business to make a difference. She shared with us how she and her team have been impacted through supporting Rethreaded and how they have grown in the process.

Our intention of creating a campaign to benefit Rethreaded at Hot Spot Power Yoga was two-fold.

  1. Team members would get to step into leadership and in service to our community.
  2. We’d get to invest in Rethreaded to make a bigger impact in the Jacksonville community.

Rethreaded was an access point to be bigger than what we could be in the studios alone. What happened was powerful and beyond what I thought would be possible. I got to know a side of our teachers that I had not known before. Their hearts got bigger and their willingness to step into a more powerful seat as a leader and change-maker in the community became more evident! The more I asked them to be a bigger contribution the more I found that they WANTED to. Now I know that we, as a community, can partner more powerfully to lift up Rethreaded and bring more awareness to empower these women and so many more out there to know that there is a community here in Jax that wants to embrace them and lift them up to be their biggest, best self. I am left with a full heart for this work and we can't wait to do it again!    -Leah Hansen, Owner of Hot Spot Power Yoga

The Hot Spot Power Yoga community shares their experiences with us:

I wanted to support Rethreaded, to be of service to my community and global sisterhood. It was an empowering experience to show up for the community in creative ways and be part of something bigger than myself. ~Kintu Makanji

Rethreaded's passion and proven ability to create a place of security and enabling a future for these women by providing life skills is their vision for others, and it rocks! I look forward to working with Rethreaded again and again. 

P.S. Their products rock! My pup and I both love our Rethreaded products!  -Kelly Pennington

I heard about Rethreaded a few years back at a friend’s house where she hosted a pop-up shop. When I heard their mission I knew I wanted to do more. When Karina reached out to me about joining the Rethreaded team for Hot Spot I knew this was my sign! -Jamey Williamson 


I chose to support and get involved with Rethreaded because I love what they do! Rethreaded creates jobs, training, connection, freedom AND amazing products.   -Denise Peterson

It makes me feel empowered to be of service and it showed me that my ideas plus hard work can make a difference too! I'm so thankful I got to be a part of this amazing cause!!! -Brittany Peeler

I knew of Rethreaded and what they are up to, but it wasn't until I attended a party and watched the documentary that it hit me. I have a VOICE and I need to use it to share Rethreaded's mission with our community. The Hot Spot Power Yoga community rocked my world with their generosity and commitment to raising money and spreading the word about what WE ALL can do to make a difference. -Karina Hahn

We love seeing people become empowered and passionate about coming together to effect change in our community! 

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

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