Gifting Hope with Community First

December 05, 2016

Gifting Hope with Community First

We are so excited to share this blog written by one of our amazing Gifts of Hope customers, Community First Credit Union.

"Community First Credit Union has had a long history of supporting locally-focused nonprofit programs that help improve lives in our community. We are proud to say that Rethreaded has been a part of our local giving even before it won One Spark in 2013. Many years ago, Rethreaded won our Investing in You contest – winning the funds to purchase the organization’s very first commercial sewing machine when it was still just a small startup. It warms our hearts to think back on this wonderful history and how much the organization has achieved.

When we heard about the new Gifts of Hope Corporate Giving program our team was excited – this was the first time we could give our clients and partners a locally-made gift branded with our logo that was also going to fund good works in our community. It seemed like a natural win-win-win for our entire team. We revised our gift giving plans and ordered Rethreaded blankets, candles, and survivor-made coffee bag gifts. We just love the products and our clients and partners have said they feel the gifts say more than just thank you – they say we support our community.

Rethreaded is such an important part of Northeast Florida. The Gifts of Hope program gives us the chance to thank those who help us in our daily business while also spreading the unique message about Rethreaded, its programs and the survivors it employs. We are so proud of Rethreaded’s growth and success – thank you for developing a corporate program that helps us continue our commitment to community."

Written by: Missy Peters, Director of Community Affairs

View our Gifts of Hope Corporate Collection here

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