The Freedom Advocate Program

November 16, 2015

Heather is a student at the University of North Florida, and is part of our Freedom Advocate Program. As a Campus Representative, Heather not only works hard to keep her grades up, but also fights to end the cycle of the sex trade through arranging speaking engagements, planning events, and selling our product on campus.

Heather writes:

“The average age for recruiting girls into domestic sex trafficking is fifteen years old.” –

Reading the above statement, I am struck by three words: recruiting, domestic, and fifteen.

There are people who recruit for the sex trade for a living.

Domestic means it’s happening in your backyard.

Fifteen; what were you doing at fifteen?

As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach let us be grateful for what we have & for organizations like Rethreaded! 

Hi guys! Heather here; the semester is FLYING by.  Next week Sunday is going to be my 23rd birthday! I am so excited as I’m nearing the end of my degree & looking back at how far I’ve come! I’m asking everyone: friends, family, acquaintances, anyone reading this blog to buy yourself a gift for my birthday! I love to give as much as possible to this wonderful organization & you can help!

We’ve been popping up on campus A LOT lately & it’s been great! Women in Business Society, Take Back the Night, a sorority event & quite a few events at the warehouse too! As we are bulking up for the holidays there are plenty of wonderful items to gift for the holidays!  Help us help women. That’s all I got for this week guys!



Heather thank you for all your hard work and we wish you a Happy Birthday!

We encourage you to support Heather's birthday wish. Treat yourself to some holiday shopping on on December 2nd from 10am to 3pm for Market Days @ UNF, or join her the same day for the UNF WBS Winter Social.

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