2016 Rethreaded Annual Report

June 19, 2017

2016 Rethreaded Annual Report

As we finalized our annual report this year, I realized that it is my six year anniversary of starting Rethreaded. I remember making the final decision to leave my job. I was taking a huge leap of faith, believing that somehow this crazy idea that started on a napkin could come to life. I knew that it was going to be hard, but I also knew that Rethreaded had the possibility to really change lives.

We have had an amazing year. We have grown over 43% in revenue and doubled the number of survivors we employ. We have provided over 28,000 hours of work. We have moved four women into leadership roles. Since enacting the Survivor Development Program, we have had a 100% retention rate. When I read over these numbers and stats of our past year, I am filled with emotion.

I am in awe, yes, of the numbers and our growth, but I am more in awe of what is happening deep in the hearts of our survivors.
They are achieving more than they ever thought possible.

These numbers mean that last year I got to walk into our first survivor-lead home party at the warehouse and watch our employees rock it. It means being able to see the joy of one of our employees being reunited with her child. It’s taking the time each Tuesday to recognize each other for the hard work of the past week. These numbers mean that at Rethreaded we can notice when a co-worker isn’t doing well, take the time to ask them the hard questions and walk with her until she is strong again. They mean when a woman does hit a crisis, there is someone to call and help walk her through it. It is watching women choose what is best for themselves and choosing the path of long-term healing. It means our employees are being made strong again. It means that our employees say...

“I am strong enough to make a difference in my community.”

“I am strong enough to stand for my true identity again.”

“I am strong enough to have a relationship with my family again.”

“I am strong enough to live again.”

“I am strong enough to know I am valuable.”

“I am strong enough to love being a mother again.”

“I am strong enough to be an advocate on a national level.”

“I am strong enough to believe, that in my heart of hearts, that I am worth being loved.”

We are so thankful to have each of you help make possible that which initially seemed impossible. Lives are being transformed here.

I am asking for your continued support as we create opportunities for people to be who they are created to be and give survivors the chance to live a new story. We invite you to continue to be a part of her freedom story.

With Hope,
Kristin Keen

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