6 Ways To Make An Impact On The Sex Trade

January 23, 2015

This January, Rethreaded launched a campaign to educate others about Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Through our “threads for hope” bracelets, freedom fighters like you have been actively showing your support. 



Thank you for the outstanding response. It doesn't go unnoticed! Get yours here.

 Searching for more ways to make a difference? Here are six more ways we can collaborate, create new beginnings and spread hope for those impacted by the sex trade. 

 1. Host a t-shirt drive




Wait, hold those clothes! Rethreaded is always on the lookout for more t-shirts. Next time you drop your old threads off at the thrift store, remember that we don’t mind taking t-shirts off your hands. If you want to make a bigger impact, hosting a t-shirt drive can make a world of difference. Whether it’s at your school or within in your local community, your help means everything to us. For more information, check out this VIDEO as it provides step by step instructions on how to properly sort t-shirts.

2.     Donate your time

Immerse yourself in our mission by getting directly involved with Rethreaded. Every Tuesday from 12-5PM, volunteers are welcome at our warehouse to help us organize, sort t-shirts, tag products and more. Join our community of advocates, contact karlin@rethreaded.com to get started.

3.     Throw a home party

Celebrate hope, throw a party with your friends and family! Collaborate with our team to educate others, sell Rethreaded products and help break the sex trade.  Host your party in your own home, or in our warehouse. Either way, you’re making an impact. For more information on home parties, contact Kathi@rethreaded.com.

4. Contribute to the $825 campaign

$8.25. That’s how much one hour of “freedom training “ costs for impacted women. In our three-month program, women are able to allocate new skills and work towards a fresh start. Through Rethreaded, our new hires are able to gain experience at fair wages. When you donate to the $825 campaign, you not only invest in freedom, you spread hope.  

5. Shop Rethreaded Products

Every time you shop Rethreaded, you transform lives. Through the purchase of both local and global products at our 820 Barnett street location, we are able to employ and touch more lives than ever before. Can’t make it out to downtown Jacksonville? Shopping Rethreaded has never been easier thanks to our new online shop. Click hereto shop. We've helped over 2000 women internationally!

6. Attend the Mukti Ball

With live music, poetry readings and delicious treats from Conscious Eats, what better way to celebrate Valentines Day than to attend Rethreaded’s 4th annual Mukti Ball? In Bengali, the word Mukti (Mook-ti) stands for freedom. Celebrate the true meaning of love by making a difference in the lives of women locally and internationally. You can reserve tickets for the ball here.

Together, we make a difference.


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