5 Common Voting Complications “Martha Stewart: American Made”

October 07, 2014

As much as we would love everything to run smoothly and conveniently we understand there can be some complications along the way. The initial sign-up tends to be the most tedious part of American Made. Once registered, it is a one-time task and becomes much easier! This blog simply clears up any complications you might have.

Below are the 5 most common complications we’ve noticed.

  1. User name displayed on marthastewart.com BUT sends me back to registration homepage
    *After you sign up on marthastewart.com you will need to verify the email you registered with. Simply click the link provided by Marthastewart.com in your email inbox and you then will be able to vote.
  2. Check your Spam and/or Junk Mail
    *For some crazy reason Martha Stewart emails have been recognized as Spam/Junk Mail. If you haven’t noticed the verification email in your inbox be sure to give these two a try.
  3. Difficulty voting via phone
    *We recommend registering on a computer. After registering, we find it less difficult to navigate via phone while logging in / out.
  4. Checked Inbox, Spam, Junk, Trash, where is my email?!!
    *Certain email providers have been really stubborn when it comes to Martha Stewart. Try using an alternative email provider if possible.
  5. Help I’m lost! Where is rethreaded?
    *When visiting the Martha Stewart.com, click the 3rd tab over on the center of the page labeled “American Made.” Then select the magnify glass to search nominees and type “Rethreaded.” Press Enter. Wait for the search results and then viola “Vote For Me” above Rethreaded will appear. Click & vote away darling!

If you have experienced any other difficulties, please let us know so we can help. Thank you for your fervent support of Rethreaded Inc.

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