Power of the Grace Scarf

August 19, 2014

At a glance, the Grace Scarf, appears to be a stylish accessory, a pop of color if you will, taking a once simple outfit to the next level with its visual appeal. But, unlike other scarves, the Grace Scarf holds great power. A power that comes from the redeemed stories of those once affected by the sex trade, woven into every bundled scarf they create. As a business, we seek to offer a chance for ALL people to experience, learn, and grow into the fullness of who they are (including the consumer). We want something to happen every time someone puts on a Grace Scarf.

 In our recent photo shoot we asked each model about the effect the scarf had when they put one on and were inspired by their responses. Check out their reflections below.


"The grace scarf is such a tangible representation of hope. That what is old is made new again, into something beautiful, unique, and far better than if it were left in its original state. I love the care and detail that goes into the creation of each scarf. Wearing it is a sweet reminder of God's goodness and faithfulness that His love is constant, never ending, never ceasing and ever present. That He loves us far too much to stay where we are, but is faithful to see our transformation through into who we were made to be." -May Huang, Rethreaded Advocate

 "When I put on my grace scarf I feel justice, I feel love winning, I feel that I am joining forces and linking arms with those around the world fighting for light, love and justice!" -Maggie Venn, Rethreaded Board Member

"I adore my grace scarf, not only for its beauty or unique design, but because it represents transformation in the life of a woman coming out of the sex trade." -Lisa Laettner, Rethreaded Board Member

"My Rethreaded grace scarf means the world to me! When I wear it I feel a sense of empowerment, strength, and confidence. It's a must have fashion statement piece in my closet. But most importantly, a representation of those whom fought against human sex trafficking." -Shenai Hylton, Rethreaded Advocate

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