“Why I love Rethreaded”

July 04, 2014

In her recent post to her blog, Correct and Continue, Rethreaded advocate & digital media specialist, Michelle Chance-Sangthong, shared why she loves Rethreaded. 

"When I heard about Rethreaded, a company that inspires women to learn new skills and reclaim their identity, I knew that I had to find ways to help them. They are fighting the sex trade with business. I love this from the Rethreaded Facebook page

We seek to be an organization that offers a chance for people to experience, learn, and grow into the fullness of who they are.

WHOA!  The fullness of who they are. Not a focus on what they’ve done, or where they’ve been, but on them, in the here and now, growing into the fullness of who they are. AND they are using the spirit of working for it .  These women have an opportunity to learn to sew, product design, art, and even life skills … not as a hand out, but as a hand-up.

Read her full post here .

Michelle loves public speaking, training, and making a difference. Her background is in digital marketing and she recently began learning to sew. Michelle has been going to bat for Rethreaded since the beginning and continues to be a voice in the community for the mission to empower women affected by the sex trade through viable business opportunities. 

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