Why Should You Come to Rethreaded’s Film Showing?

May 09, 2013

Not many people would give up a Friday night to learn about the sex trade. The issue may seem foreign and out of their control. While the subject is depressing, uncomfortable, and foreign it is a living reality for millions of people around the world. The sale of women is the third largest industry, making an estimated 32 billion dollars a year. So why should anyone give up their Friday night to come to a Rethreaded film event? Because unlike you, these women don’t have another option for a Friday night event because they are living it.

It is overwhelming.

But there is hope.

Rethreaded film nights give you a chance to invest in the freedom of women locally and globally simply by purchasing a ticket. The great thing about Rethreaded is that their awareness events don’t leave you more educated without feeling more empowered as well. Rethreaded hosts a series of film events about the sex trade as part of their 8.25 Invest in Freedom Campaign . Each ticket purchase goes to directly fund the next training class of women who will work at Rethreaded.

By just purchasing a ticket to their film event, people are doing something about the issue. Each movie night raises awareness about the global sex trade while also featuring a company that is successfully fighting the trade with business. The horrors of the sex trade shown in the films are partnered with a glimmer of hope found in the redemptive stories of women all around the world. The products produced by freed women are symbols of their new hope and can be purchased at these movie nights.  

This Friday, May 10, Rethreaded is showing the film Nefarious Merchant of Souls . The movie shows the sex trade in four different continents and includes testimonials from survivors, traffickers, and humanitarian experts. The film not only shows the dark reality of the issue but also features the rehabilitation efforts of people around the world who are helping rescue and restore survivors of the sex trade. Just by purchasing a ticket, you can join in the freedom efforts as well!  At this event, guests will also learn about Rethreaded’s partner company Made By Survivors, a network of ten charities in over six different countries giving women freedom through business.  Buy your ticket  today for a donation of 8.25 and partner your awareness with action.

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