Our new intern: Lauren (aka Sherlock)

September 05, 2012

Welcome to our new Intern:  Lauren Pissott.  Lauren will be working with us for the next semester in the areas of Criminal Justice as well as Social Work.  We are going to let her tell her story.  Take it away Lauren (aka Sherlock)!      

 I first caught wind of Rethreaded and their mission from my roommate that learned there was an organization fighting against the sex trade was here in Jacksonville. Luckily, this piece of information was brought to my attention at the perfect time to fulfill my internship requirement.  My story starts a few years back when my friend and I were watching a documentary about sex trafficking and prostitution. After the film my heart was so heavy that I knew if I spoke tears would start flowing. So instead of losing it I climbed into my bed and my friend in hers. Moments later, she asked if I was okay and I burst into tears. Feeling helpless and useless I just kept crying until she climbed into my bed and started praying. Her prayers brought me peace because I knew that we were giving this burden to God who I believe has the power to redeem, comfort, and love these girls. It is unbelievable to look around now (only a few years after I informed of this injustice) and see the amount of organizations such as Rethreaded, being the hands and feet of Jesus. Freely offering up their time, efforts, and LOVE for these broken women.  It’s easy to just give up and deem something hopeless, but I choose to believe that with God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26)

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