What is Survivor Made Coffee?

September 25, 2019

What is Survivor Made Coffee?

Rethreaded and Social Grounds Coffeewant to change the way you wake up.

Together we have partnered to bring you Survivor Made Coffee!

What do we mean by Survivor-Made?

1. Grown and harvested by survivors in Rwanda, Nicaragua, and Sumatra

2. Roasted in Jacksonville at Social Grounds by survivors of homelessness.

3. Packaged and sold at Rethreaded by survivors of human trafficking.

This coffee does A LOT of social good!

The Rwandan Coffee comes from a plantation in Africa called A Beautiful Tomorrow and economically empowers the at-risk women who have survived the Rwandan Genocide.

The Nicaraguan Coffee comes from a plantation in South America that employees survivors of human trafficking.

The Sumatran coffee is grown and harvested by a women's co-op in northern Sumatra. The co-op has a commitment to creating programs for health, education and public infrastructure.


Each batch comes from a single plantation. It is a non-blended, single-origin.

Wake up tomorrow to the smell of exquisite coffee brewing. Take the first sip knowing you have already made a difference, a BIG difference, in the lives of women, MANY women! You're going to spend money on coffee anyway, why not make it count?

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