Welcoming Tishshaunna to the Team

May 02, 2016

Welcoming Tishshaunna to the Team

It is an exciting time at Rethreaded when we get to introduce a new employee! Tishshaunna has successfully completed her 3 months of training and has big dreams for her future here. We have big dreams for her too! We sat down with Tishshaunna to find out more about her experience with training and what her ambitions for the future are.


What was your favorite part of training? What did you enjoy learning the most?

My favorite part of training was being challenged. I felt embarrassed during the training because I didn’t know how to braid. At first I was discouraged, but I work with a great team. Through perseverance, I was taught a new skill.

What is your role at Rethreaded now?

I am a seamstress in production at Rethreaded. I make the product: Grace Scarves, Tassel Key Fobs, Dog Chew Toys, and Woven Plant Hangers. That makes me feel powerful and strong!

What do you contribute to Rethreaded? What strengths do you bring to the table?

I feel I bring a lot of talent and a joyful attitude to Rethreaded. I have faced and overcome many struggles and want to use that to inspire others. I want help them to remain encouraged.

What skills are you excited to be learning moving forward?

I am really excited about learning leadership skills. I feel like this is something that I can take out into my own community. That I can become a leader among my peers and make a difference out there.


What is your favorite part of the day at Rethreaded?

My favorite part of the day at Rethreaded is devotion in the morning. It means a lot to me to be able to connect and focus before I begin my work. Each day we light the candle, in remembrance and hope for the men and women still in bondage, and it reminds me what is really important, and why I do this.

What is your favorite Rethreaded product to make?

Make favorite product to make is the Woven Plant Hangers! This was the product that I struggled with when I didn’t know how to braid. So I really enjoy making them now because it reminds me of a challenge I overcame. It reminds me that in life difficulties arise, but there are people to help me learn. There is so much freedom and joy on the other side!


Where do you see yourself a year from now?

I see myself as being the Production Lead! I have big dreams, and I want to be a leader within and without these walls. I want to be able to challenge and teach new women coming in, as it was done for me. I know that my experience can help others.


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